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Psy-H Project

Psy-H Project is the solo project of well-known chillout musician (Space Cucumbers, Slow Reflections) from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was started in 2008, when by chance Igor Kititsky combined old goa melodies and modern night sound drive. And from this experiment «In a Shade of Dadrrount’got» the first track of Psy-H Project was born. Hard beat and bassline in combination with ethnic goa melodies and deep atmospheric digital sounds are the essence of amazing cosmic dancing music, called Neo Goa Trance.

The project was invited to big psytrance events: Systo Palty, Trimurti, Space of Joy, Misterika, Cosmosdance and others, and to many russian clubs where it played on the same scene with Man With No Name, Artifact303, Jaia, Filteria, Talpa, Yudhisthira, etc. Meeting Dmitriy Likhachev from Alienapia project led to the creative colloboration and they made joint track "Fear and Anger". This track was released in Alienapia album "Goapocalipsis" and gained much popularity among psytrance lovers.

His debut album "Dance of Distant Worlds" was be released by Global Sect Music in begin of 2013.