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New psychedelic backdrop 'Zymosis' in our collection, designed by Artrama!
Power of feminine energy comes from the ancient Mother, caring soul that brings emotions and softness. 
She brings the warmth which eases the contrast of male energy and makes the balance. 
Together two energy principles give birth to the Universe, full of contrast varieties but making a harmonic whole of cosmic unity.
This inevitable attraction of opposites is united in an overwhelming and unstoppable love that is spreading through all existence between two points.
- High-quality sublimation print glows under UV Black Light and bright colours in daylight
- Printed on semigloss synthetic fabric 
- Can be washed and ironed
- 4 eyelets on the corners for easy installation

***Attention! Due to the complex production technology, which is unique, it is possible that sending is delayed for 2-3 days. Please advise us in advance if the backdrop is necessary for you by the exact date.***
Available Sizes: