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UV-backdrop "Trishula" by Artrama & Ahankara Art

Lord Shiva’s Trishula is supposed to destroy — the physical world — attachment to gross, the illusionary world which seems so real; the world of the mind — the Ahamkaar or ego which is a barrier between Me and HIM — thus transforming the devotee to be in the third world that is the world of spirituality, leading to oneness with Lord Shiva, a single non-dual plane of existence, that is bliss alone.

The backdrop 'Trishula' brings acts of creation, preservation, and destruction in a vortex of vibrant colors and mesmerizing fluorescent power. It will spread the power of Shiva in your house, party or festival and give amazing psychedelic effect.

Amazing quality, printed with new sublimation technology, vibrant fluorescent colors and 100% UV effect, available in different sizes!

Available Sizes: