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Tea Master


Dive deep into the essence of magical plants! You will discover the healing magic of nature, guided by the Great Tea Master. Divine God of magical herbs gave birth to many medicines that will cure your heart and soul. If you let go and trust the wisdom of Tea Master, you will heal and reincarnate yourself into the higher levels! Gain the power of Dragon and bloom from the essence of nature, as you realize that you are your own healer, God is in you!

This amazing backdrop tells the story of ancient shamans and true healing power of nature. Nature should be our guide and it has wisdom that is almost forgotten, but the true masters are keeping it and you can find it if you dive deep into yourself! 

Decorate your room or party with this mesmerizing backdrop and feel the power of psychedelic art!

Designed by Anahart Art 
As always, we use sublimation technology print on a quality synthetic material, with 100% fluorescent UV active colors.

Available Sizes: