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Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut

Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut
(Global Sect Music, 2020)
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Global Sect presents a new conceptual release, the album of musician Giorgi Shavgulidze (Georgia).

A deep space dive awaits you, and the story of a lost astronaut who meets a mysterious and mystical alien temple on an uninhabited planet. The story in the intro will be narrated by the legendary reader Vlad Kopp, who is widely known to Russian fans of science fiction and the "Model for Assembly" program. For English-speaking listeners, the story will be available in the form of a colorful booklet in a special edition of a CD, as well as in digital format on our website.

The release will also feature true goa-trance masters: Alienapia, Merr0w, Centavra Project, Atlantis, and Astronobios.

This release is the spiritual successor to the compilations "Space of Power", "Terraformer" and continues to develop the line of space goa trance of the new school on our label.

On the first disc "Cosmic Temple" you will find a powerful and melodic goa trance, and on the second disc "Logos of Violet Star," you will plunge into the vibrations of the cosmic downtempo goa.

We are also pleased to announce that our label is starting active cooperation with science fiction writers, and in the near future, you will find a deeper disclosure of the Global Sect universe and interesting experimental content.


CD 1. Cosmic Temple

1. Fiery Dawn - Interplanetary Station
2. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut
3. Fiery Dawn & Astronobios & Atlantis - Phase
4. Fiery Dawn & Merr0w - Inside The Lunar Crater
5. Fiery Dawn & Atlantis - Prana
6. Fiery Dawn & Alienapia - Screaming Through The Universe
7. Fiery Dawn & Centavra Project - Oxygen
8. Proxeeus - Walking Between Worlds (Fiery Dawn Rmx)
9. Fiery Dawn - Dimension X
10. Fiery Dawn - Enceladus (First Contact)
CD 2. Logos of Violet Star

1. Fiery Dawn & Vlad Kopp - Join to the Cosmic Temple
2. Fiery Dawn - Enceladus (Ocean of Mystery)
3. Fiery Dawn & Katedra - Black Moon Trance
4. Fiery Dawn - Alien Civilization
5. Fiery Dawn & Centavra Project - Cosmo Acidic Lifeforms
6. Fiery Dawn - Cosmodrome
7. Fiery Dawn - The Dark Tower
8. Fiery Dawn - Echoes In Eternity
9. Fiery Dawn - Flight To Infinity
10. Fiery Dawn - Stargazer

Stay connected, astronauts

Cover Art: Artrama, Ahankara Art
Mastering: Fiery Dawn, One Day Mastering Studio, 4CN-Studios
Sci-Fi story: Anna Bogarne

All rights reserved by Human Civilization. GS Cosmic Industries, 2303
Released December 16, 2020