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VA Globalsect Radio

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VA Globalsect Radio 
1. Astronobios - Spider Web
2. Atlantis Project - Acid Goa Madness In Moscow
3. Psy-H Project - Genesis
4. Proxeeus - Orne & Hutchinson
5. Alienapia & Shivaૐ - After The Universe
6. Merr0w - Space Whale Confirmed
7. Median Project - Midnight
8. Astrancer - Ain Soph
9. Psy-H Project - Precession Of The Universe (Median Project Rmx)
The concept of a universal radio wave connecting people through the music across the planet is deeply rooted in Global Sect vision.
The union of various Goa Trance creators and receivers, connected in love and enlightenment, by global dance and cosmic sound waves. Music speaks the universal language, understood by all living beings, and it's the source of emotions that we all share, no matter how far we are from each other.
Let's unite under the same global wave of interconnected love, transmitted through cosmic trance that knows no borders. We are all the same tribe, one living organism which is emerging in various forms, particles dancing the neverending dance of existence. This infinite dance is embodied in the divine creation of goa trance, with various waves united in the universal ocean of life.
Label: Global Sect Music
Cover Art: Ahankara Art
Compiled by DJ Adept