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VA Trinity (compiled by Ages of Love) COMING SOON!

Our new compilation is coming soon!
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VA Trinity (compiled by Ages of Love, 2021)

The goddesses of nature united in the trinity are bringing the raw goa trance and genesis of the female principle of the universe.


TRINITY final kaver sajt


1. Miranda - Clear Vision
2. Astrogano - Head in a Cloud
3. Slavs from Mars - Speed Crusher
4. Midiotz - Folie à deux
5. Morphic Resonance - Explorers Of The Mind
6. Hypnotic Signal - Brain Hole
7. Mindsphere - The Outer Limits
8. Clementz - Footsteps
9. Imba - Cosmos in Her Eyes (Eternity mix)
10. Man With No Name - Own the World (Atlantis remix)

From the iced snow, with the sound of the piercing cold
Rose the black hair and marbled face, carved and old.
She spread her wings over the mountain
Lifting her spawn, the snowstorm.
Dancing under the moon, the crow of the doomed
The goddess of winter begins her moan.

But the sun rises, melting her kingdom,
Bringing the spring upon the petrified willow.
Gentle drops of rain caress the grass
And the new life is born at last.
The sleepy princess dances towards the sky
Covered with sparkles and joyful light.
So young and holy, she brings hope.
Cheerfully she slides on the river slopes.

The sun starts growing and blooming,
Turning into fire, all-consuming.
The women, the goddess, the mother of all,
Whirling in passion, spreading the love,
Flies out of the fireball.
Third of the sisters begins her rule,
Covering the universe with flames of emotions.
Neither good, neither bad,
Neither right, neither wrong
She is the power,
Beautiful and strong.

The tree sisters dance their infinite dance,
Raising and falling, But holding their hands.
They are the whole, and they are all
The neverending story Of chaos and harmony,
The perfect circle.

Ages of Love is the first Serbian female goa trance organization, formed by Amaryllis, Yella and Mir.
They are long-time travellers in the goa trance universe, creators of numerous parties in Serbia,
and Trinity is their first compilation.

VA Trinity is a part of series called 'Intergalactic Cult' in which various goa trance DJs have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create their own compilation with the support of our label.
This conceptual album brings the spirit of the old Slavic tales and pagan archetypes, embodied in the trinity of opposing forces and nature of the female principle.

Release date: November 15, 2021

Label: Global Sect
Compiled by Ages of Love (Amaryllis, Yella & Mir)
Mastering: 4CN-Studios
Cover art: Artrama ft Yella 
releases November 15, 2021