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"The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds" updates!

Nice news guys!

The poem "The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds" is ready! A big respect to a magic lady Anastasia Lukomskaya!


This fantasy story was born in our mind 4 years ago, but only now we have a final version! It will be an amazing psychedelic spiritual trip with DARK portals and light vibrations. We translate it from Russian language soon and release with VA (3CD) and 6-8 illustrations.

And you can see demo previews of 3 illustrations:

News about tracklist for VA:

- Alienapia make rmx on Synsun - Gagarinz Trip;

- Artifact303 finish new track "Black Light";

- Zirrex make fresh song "Born of Osiris", you can see video here;

- Mindsphere make second track for VA (we upload samples soon).

And we add 2 young talants to our project:

- Dark vibrations by Morphic Resonance - Moonwalker;

- Very good mystic track by Kurandini - Brahamantra (we upload samples soon).