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New Merr0w album "Odysseus" is out now!

After a long hard work, the new Merr0w album "Odysseus" is released by Global Sect Music!

In the cold and immense depths of the underwater Kingdom, live mermaids, who possess mystical power enclosed in magical tridents. Giant predatory octopuses and hostile forces obey their magical will, which allows them to maintain a delicate balance and protect ocean life.

We are pleased to present to your attention the second album from the legendary master of deep sea and mystical goa trance, French musician Brice Fruyt. The style of the musician is absolutely unique and includes elements of the old school, with stunning acid synthesizer parts, psychedelic effects and harmonious melody. You will embark on an amazing adventure through the immense depths of the sea, full of unknown secrets and mysterious mystical creatures.


1 - Lost in the Triangle
2 - Lunar Tides
3 - Odysseus
4 - Trippy Jellyfish
5 - Their Own Light
6 - Sea Wolf Howling
7 - Fractal Octopus
8 - Last Breath On Seashore
Label: Global Sect
Cover Art: Andrey Verner
Mastering: 4CN-Studios
Ocean Power: Merr0w 

released December 12, 2019
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