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New DJs in Global Sect team


DJane Amaryllis

Amaryllis is female DJ from Belgrade, Serbia. Behind Amaryllis is Ana Mihailovic, and she is the third part and founder of organization Ages of love. She plays pure powerful goa, old and new. Her mix can vary from slow to fast style of goa, but the thing that doesn’t change is that all the music she plays goes from the heart and it will move your dancing feet undoubtedly! She will bring the special female energy to the party, and make you dance like nobody’s watching!


DJ GoaPal 

GoaPal is a Belgian goa Dj who truly mixes individual tracks into an innovative personal storyline to create an atmosphere of flow on the dancefloor. Like a guide who takes the crowd on a journey along musical heights.

To GoaPal Dj'ing is a form of art, blending all types of goa, from acidic to melodic, from new school to old school. He presents his own creative interpretation of the producers' work, that way painting a new picture through sound. A DJ is not a jukebox. In essence, his mixes are more than just a string of tracks.

 From 2004 till 2008 Pal was a DnB turntablist and party promotor. After a break from Dj’ing till 2014 he attended 10 years Suntrip @ Balkan Goa Fanatics, an event which meant a turning point in his life. His innate drive for mixing returned and he took his rightful place behind the decks again.

 The future looks promising and to put it in his words: "THE BEST IS YET TO COME."


2 Pioneer Xdj1000
2 Pioneer CdJ1000MK3
2 Technics SL-1200MK2
2 Pioneer S-DJ60X
Sennheiser HD25 II
Allen & Heath XONE43



DJane Mir 

Mir is a female DJ from Serbia, playing old school goa trance. Her style vary from darker to very melodic goa trance, depending on the style and atmosphere of the party . She is founder of Ages of Love, organization from Serbia which organizes goa parties. Ages of love is based on feminine energy which is something new for Serbian goa scene. Mir would like to spread music that she adores, through special energy that she believes female DJs can bring. Her sets will give you blast of energy and depth of emotions for old sounds which will never die! 

DJane Yella

Behind Yella lays Stefana Marić from Belgrade, Serbia, presenting you new school goa sounds, carefully selected for her dj sets. She is one of the members and founders of Ages Of Love, which is one and only women goa power organisation. You can expect from her sets to be melted with strong emotional goa melodies, or to be boiled with pure acid goa sounds.