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New backdrops in GS Shop!

2 new fluorescent backdrops!
The designs of the prints is based on the psychedelic poem, created under the label Global Sect.
"The Master of Portals"
Ivan sensed a scent of fire,
Saw a figure in the sky
That was Dwarf the wild; the mire
Gave him birth, he was so wry.

In Dwarf’s arm – a magic staff was,
He was stooping over it,
With its help he had an access
To the portals, let us wit.

In his silvered beard there were
Pieces of some spider’s braiding,
So he sat without a stir
In the greenish shabby dressing.

His eyes black, his face is bleak,
He’s the owner of the crystals,
Neither old nor young, he’s freak
And the portal’s only wizard.
 "The Wise Mushroom"
... мore than day, than two was rambling
Ivan on the endless clearing,
And the grass so green and crumbling
Bent with every step and moving.
Covered by the blue of sky
And embraced by light from star tracks
The green glade was quiet and shy
And was covered by some tussocks.

But one tussock was so special,
It was calling and enticing
As if hiding something spatial
Covered by its whitened icing.
So the mage approached the tussock
Looked on it and was astonished:
In the shadow of its grey smog
There was the light of Mushroom.

Mushroom’s stem was going down,
Penetrating soil so firmly,
Like a roof over a town
Was its cap enormous sorely.
As a measure of the time
It was keeping vivid logos,
Voice was coming from inside
From the spawn that wasn’t bogus.