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Median Project - In the Depths of Space preorders

Median Project - In the Depths of Space (Global Sect Music, 2018)
In the infinite space of the Cosmos, a countless number of stars exists in inconceivable way, among which lives unimaginable number of beings. 

 Powerful ancient civilizations observe the development of new forms of life, capable of the evolution of consciousness. Homo Sapiens of terrestrial origin have passed a long evolutionary path and they are gradually entering a new, cosmic Era. 

The time will come and the race of the planet Earth will reach a level of development, at which they will be able to have reasonable dialogue and joint creativity with the older space brothers that observe us from the depths of Space... 

Median Project is musician Sergei Petrenko from Russia. After a long time of hard work, we present you ten amazing tracks, written by all sacred canons of classical Goa-trance. 

The album is dominated by cosmic special sounds that are embodied in traditions of Astral Projection, Artifact303 and other masters of the genre. You will also find two joint works with the projects Centavra Project, Atlantis and a wonderful remix of the track Artifact303 - Life Support System. 

 The album is dedicated to all those who believed and supported Sergei on his creative path and to cosmic harmony in all worlds and spaces. 

1. Median Project & Centavra Project - Astral Fobia 
2. Median Project - In the Depths of Space 
3. Median Project - Heaven and Earth 
4. Median Project - In the Dark 
5. Median Project & Atlantis Project - Morning in Space 
6. Artifact303 - Life Support System (Median Project remix) 
7. Median Project - Wishmaster 
8. Median Project - The Third Element (Original Mix) 
9. Median Project - Over The Horizon 
10. Median Project - Kometa
Cover art: Artrama & Ahankara Art 
Mastering: 4CN-Studios 
Release date: 31 january. 
Released by Global Sect Music.