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Interview with Dj Adept (Global Sect Music)

- Hello! Congratulations on the opening of your new label and the release of debut compilation Space Of  Power. Can you tell us something about it?

  - Thank you, first of all, I want to thank all the musicians, artists, and just good creative people who participated in this project, especially the musicians and designers whose work is not included in the final product but strongly influenced the project. I especially want to thank Darko Kolevski (Dj Anub1s), who really helped me in working in the style of Goa trance on a variety of projects.

Space Of Power  is an attempt to send the listener on a journey through cosmic space and feel the energy force of the global processes of the universe, to feel yourself in the role of the hero of the legend of the Great Genesis of the Universe.

If you pay attention to the design of the disk, you will see a picture of a central entity, whose face is hidden.

This is a universal image, deprived of any concreteness, which means that the being who makes a journey through the music of the universe, can be any one of us.

At the beginning of the first track you can hear words from the audio book of Nicholas Roerich «Seven Great Mysteries of the Cosmos» which for a long time has been an inexhaustible source of knowledge and inspiration to me.  I recommend it to everyone.

- What is the mission of the label and why such an unusual name - Global Sect?

- It's a long story. About 4 years ago I was one of the participants of a musical project, which wrote music in the style of morning full-on. The project had 3 people: Shinobi, Ecco FX (which, unfortunately, is no longer alive) and Kilgore Trout (my old nickname). If you take the first letter of each of the nicknames, it spells the word SEKT. The plans we have of course were global..

And so was born the name of the Global Sekt. But over time, the project fell apart, releasing only 2 digital only releases, and I inherited the name. I replaced the letter «K» with the letter «C» and it became Global Sect.

Global Sect is a communication channel that will broadcast various creative and philosophical concepts, expressed through various works of art. We are interested not only in great music, but also in visual art, organization of conceptual activities and even science.

The overall meaning of the message is in the unity of people and the contemplation of beauty in its various forms.

Particular attention will be paid to communication with the audience and various artistic communities; we are absolutely open to any forms of cooperation and ready to listen any opinions and ideas.

- What are the problems you encountered at the the stage of formation of the label and may continue to face now?

- For me it seems that at this time there are very few artists who can write really good deep and space Goa-trance, unfortunately, these people can be counted on the fingers of one hand! Otherwise I don't see any problems.

- What is the criteria for a musician who would like to release a track on your compilation? What kind of music are you looking for in the label?

- In my opinion the truly cosmic track should be possess the following criteria:

1. Space and atmosphere: Space is unlimited in its essence and to display it in a track you must fill the breadth of space and atmosphere. This can be done by all known means: delay, reverb, adding pads and the use of stereo imaging. And of course there are many other methods.

2. Depth: Space fascinates with its bottomless and infinite depth. I have always associated depth with deep bass and a strong lead, based around a low octave. Of course, the track may not consist only of low notes, but as a foundation I love to do that.

3. Multi-layer (many layers)        In space the many perceptions of living beings are shared, so the track should be composed of many parties, which are organically combined with each other. You often come across a situation in Goa Trance when more than 5 parties happen at the same time . It is precisely in such moments that I like this style of music.

4. Melodiousness: I believe that true musical harmony can be only expressed through melody. Therefore, if we stick only to the first three points in the writing of trance music, we will have a dark or a classic psychedelic trance. But in the midst of the vast spaces of the cosmic vacuum there are the stunning beauty of the galaxy and the stars, created by the Creator's hand. In this way we need beautiful melodies here.

5. Psychedelic: We must not forget this important point! Psychedelia can be attributed to outer space, in the sense that there are many points of view and perceptions which are all very different and interesting. Therefore the track must be able to show something entirely different and unusual to the listener who could draw from this something really new for himself. Technically this is done, as a rule, by adding to the track various combinations of synths and effects. The quality and the concept is clear for everybody I think.

However, I would like to recommend to musicians to use many different samples, and not only to twist the knobs of the synthesizers. There are a lot of amazing sounds, that can enrich the track: vocals, industrial soundscapes, natural sounds, live instruments, and more.

- Where does the original idea come from for your compilations? What is the importance of the ideological component in your opinion?

- This is the most important thing for me. I like when a creative project has a story, an idea, a philosophy, something that makes people think and contemplate. I always think about the concept of the project and carefully select ideas for that. I think I'm still too young to have a truly original global creative concept, so I have to read the really smart people and think about it!.

- Maybe you have an idea how to get rid of piracy?

- I think it doesn't make any sense, we just need to look for new sources of income in this area. People are still ready to pay for a good product, but you need to make sure that it will be as simple as possible, while ensuring that the consumer receives a bonus. For example if the CD that the consumer buys could give him the right to receive a discount on the ticket for a major trance-festival. The organizers of the festival could offset the cost by reducing the price of booking artists from his label. I think that the artists could provide special low prices on booking for their labels if for example, it would be for 3 performances in a year, and a label should be able to use this bonus.  This is just one example. If we think about it, we could come up with many new business models. But they should not get in the way of the creative process.

- Which of the Russian artists who are creating and experimenting in the style of Goa trance do you feel empathy with?
  Can you compare the level of Russian musicians with the masters of the genre?

- There are not many Goa-trance artists in Russia. But nevertheless there are some interesting names. I particularly want to highlight tPsy-H Project, whose debut album Dance of Distant Worlds is to be released very soon on our label. I believe that in the near future this project will stand alongside Artifact303, Filteria, E-Mantra, Goasia, Liquid Flow and other masters of the genre. I would also like to mention Zirrex, Hypnotic Signal and ArmagedDance.

- What music styles other than Goa trance inspire you?

- I like Russian rock and punk music. Also I really like medieval ballads

- Which do you like to do more than the rest and why:  to hear music, to play or to publish your favourite music?

- Most of all I like to listen music that was published on our label, when I play!

- Can you assess the current state of affairs in  Russian trans-society? How much in demand today is Goa-trance music on the dance floor?

- I don't like what is happening in Moscow almost every weekend. A lot of activities, which are not connected with the TRANS-culture. But anyway there are several promoters, which make good parties and big festivals. If to talk about goa-trance, we have a small, but cozy company. I would also like to note the guys from 'Voices Of the Galaxy' and 'AC! D Family'.

- The best advice you have been given in life?

- If you want to play on a Grand scale - follow your dream & don't compromise for something less (not sure if this is right! - John)

- Tell us about your creative plans?

- The second CD, we will release is the debut album from Psy-H Project «Dance Of Distant Worlds». Its a little too early to speak about other projects, but we certainly have some!

- Thank you for the interesting conversation, we wish success to you and to your label.

- Thank you. Bom Shankar!