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Global Sect & Andrey Pronin art gallery

Art-gallery of giant fluorescent backdrops from Global Sect and Andrey Pronin is conquering the reality!

In 2016 our team participated in some big festivals and parties namely Crystal Worlds Party, Systo, Trimurti, Chill Out Planet. The psychedelic visual art performed in large scale format produces a real wow-effect!


We were glad to notice that party people accepted enthusiastically our art-objects, looked at the alien landscapes for quite long and the span of fine lines building unbelievable fractals and figures.


Our fluorescent canvases have a very high-quality print and are made of thick and soft fiber. They demonstrate awesome visual art made by Ahankara Art, Andrey Pronin and Ihtianderson.

Everyone always has an opportunity to buy a backdrop in their taste in our 

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The canvases are of different size - from standard (1 x 1,5 metre) to giant (3 x 7 metre).



We are open for cooperation with festival and party organisators around the world. Don't be humble and write to us concerning any question:



Special offer!

Invite the founder of our label DJ Adept to your party and get some giant canvases for free to make your party unforgettable.


dj adept4

On DJ Adept's concerts you will always hear some new and cosmic goa-trance music from the best projects in the whole world. In his releases and sets Adept puts an accent on atmospheric, melodic and deep sounding that creates the feeling of endless space and zero-gravity.

You will definitely save up on the design and get a professional DJ in your line-up.