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Global Sect Deco for parties and festivals

  A visual psychedelic experience is the mission of the Global Sect Deco Team, which combines large-scale fluorescent backdrops and lycra, with diverse digital design, into an impressive whole that leaves everyone breathless. Each backdrop takes you on a special psychedelic journey into cosmic dimensions and brightens the space with its intense UV effect.

  Global Sect Deco team has decorated many festivals and parties around the world, including Exit Festival (Serbia), Back to Roots with Etnica/Pleiadians (Serbia), Juno Reactor live in Serbia, Psychedelic Fever (Serbia), Cosmic Waves (Germany), Fluorodelica party, India Fest (Russia), WinterSUN (Hungary), Balkan Goa Fanatics, Forestation (Croatia) Cycles Of Life (Belgium) and many others.

 We are open for bookings! If you want amazing fluorescent deco on your event, just write to


 We are flexible, organized and we have a big collection of psychedelic designs, so we will make the best possible combination for you. Check out the gallery for the photos of events where we participated ⇣