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5 interesting things about our new compilation

Before you'll start, you should watch this amazing psychedelic video.
1. Unique concept

The Mystery of Crystal Worlds - it's the only release in the history of goa trance, which is based on a psychedelic poem! Each of the 3 discs is specially compiled for each part of the poem to highlight it's special mood. 

The dramatic poem with incredibly detailed psychedelic fantasy world full of colorful characters.
Anastasia Lukomskaya is a psychedelic poet from Moscow. Her poetry is a mix of philosophy, transcedent experience and true feelings, that can be only expressed beside the words.
Listen, friend, the voice of Space,
Singing high the words of aeon,
Bout Ivan and Sacred Place,
Taking you from here to thereon.

Bout the fungi trip spiralled
In the universe evolving,
Bout the Grinnish Emerald
Thou is gist of life - key solving.


2. Crowdfunding

We decided to take a risk and launch our compilation with bonuses and lower prices to pre-order .

As the result everyone is satisfied! We collect all the necessary finances, customers got unique deluxe edition with great discount, up to 90€! With deluxe edition we provide great bonuses: incredible T-shirts and Backdrops with 100% UV Effect.
We are still open to pre-order and you have chance to follow this lucky guys!



3. Better quality

We have made a new mixing for 10 (!) of the 32 tracks tracks of the compilation!


Generally, trance-labels makes only mastering for the tracks, but it does not solve the problem, if originally the track has low quality. Thanks to the Dimitro Zymosis and One Day Mastering Studio, we have significantly increased the overall level of sound quality of the project.




4. Four art styles

 - Music in the format of Goa trance;

- Psychedelic poem;



- Visual art by Ahankara Art, Ihtianderson and Funky Lu; 


- A unique video.


Dmitry Moiseev. The visual effects producer from Vladivostok, Russia. His motion graphics is a synthesis of psy-trance listener’s frame of mind and professional on-stage experience, which re-interpreted in CG concepts. Dmitry made a promo for «The Mystery of Crystal Worlds» compilation.




5. More than 30 people are involved

-21 musical project;
- 3 visual artists;
- 2 poet's;
- 2 sound engineer's (mixing and mastering);
- 1 translator (poem from Russian to English);
- 1 programmer;
- 1 label manager.