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Interview with DJ Masala



First of all, congratulations on making your first compilation 'Astronauts in the Solar System'. How long did it take from the first idea until the final result?


First, I must show my appreciation to every astronaut, all cooperators and DJ Adept who gave me a chance for this experience with strong trust. This project began in October 2017 and all was finalized in August 2019. I worked on this project for almost 2 years. This project has a concept- Exploration of the Solar System by astronauts. Every track is telling the story about every planet, Dwarf Planets and the Challenge of the new frontier. I examined who is the best astronaut for every mission. Then I offered astronauts to create special tracks for this compilation.


Tell us more about your experience of making this compilation.


When I was an elementary school student, my dream was to become a scientist and paleontologist. I was growing up with the science books and NHK (Japanese national broadcast TV like CNN and BBC) science documentaries in 1994-1995. NHK Interview team visited the scientists, paleontologists and the researchers of a lot of countries (Belgium, Sweden, U.S.A, Canada, England, Mexico...) and they made a connection with them. Astronauts In The Solar System is inspired by those old science books and TV documentaries, and this compilation is an approach into Goa Trance from the science. I couldn't become a scientist and paleontologist, but my dream has come true because I could visit Goa Trance artists and DJs in different countries while making the compilation. During 2 years (from October 2017 till August 2019) I traveled around Europe 3 times to make this compilation.


masala va


How did you start to be a DJ and what is the most important experience that DJ-ing brought to you?


Before I knew goa-trance I was already influenced by the culture of India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. I passed through the gates of Goa trance in 2011, and I became a DJ at the beginning of 2012. An interesting fact is that my sister was also DJ (not goa trance) and a party organizer. First I was a local DJ in Japan. At the beginning of 2014, I found a flyer of Suntrip Records 10 years anniversary party in Japan. I joined that party (my first time Goa Trance party experience), and that experience changed my life.


What was the weirdest party that you ever played at?


Hahaha, Is this a guided question? Of course, Balkan Goa Fanatics 2017 (Croatia). It was the first contact of me and DJ Adept and start of a friendship with Global Sect Music. It was my first time traveling in the Balkan area. Such a beautiful sea, the biggest mosquitos that I ever saw, delicious seafood, fruits...I will never forget the first time when I tried Rakija. I felt everything about Balkan mind and even Goa trance mind. When we enjoy the same music from the same sources and the same speakers on the same dance floor, no need to take care about who is who, who is from which country and which tribe So, we are the brotherhood.

masala bgf


Tell us more about goa trance scene in Japan, what's happening there?


There are still many people who believe that the world's 10th largest population and an economic powerhouse, Japan has a huge Goa trance scene like in the '90s. I can't talk about '90s Goa scene in Japan because I didn't experience that period. However, Goa Trance scene in Japan is very underground, it counts 50-100 people in Tokyo currently. But everything is changing every second, minute, hour, day... Goa Trance will grow after young generations feel fun in Goa Trance. New generations shouldn't just wait for someone to do something interesting. First, jump into what they think is fun, then do what they believe is fun, then they get their fun and bitter experiences themselves.


What are your favorite goa trance projects and DJs?

Of course, I have many favorite Goa trance projects, so it's a hard question. But I will mention Triquetra, Ypsilon5, and DJ Anoebis.

I believe good artists and DJs are good travelers.
Triquetra traveled in Japan 2 times and they were getting new inspirations from different cultures in every moment.
Ypsilon5 are great artists who have a long career. They didn't play their live sets in other countries, because they bring almost all synthesizers for their live show, but they did drive a car from Sweden to Belgium, 2000 km round trip.
And DJ Anoebis is the big traveler, everybody knows!
However, good travel doesn't mean only "long distance". Traveling is an experience.

I believe their experience has grown their music. Their music makes people happy all over the world.

What do you in your free time and do you have a 'regular' job?

About free time, it depends on the season, but I usually do bicycle tours and I'm cooking.
These activities are making good inspiration for DJ storytelling.

I have a regular job, but when I have enough money for traveling budget, I usually leave the job and go to travel. That is the reason why I can't get married, hahahaha.


masala bike2


And finally, tell us, have you ever wish to be an astronaut and what is the place in space that you would first visit if you would have a chance? 

Yes, I was an elementary school student, but I think probably so many kids wished to be astronauts. If I wish I had a chance... I would want to give that chance to somebody from the new generation who wants the challenge because I have an interest in what future generations can make. Everybody has the Solar System inside oneself. This compilation is the story about legendary astronauts, but everybody is an astronaut, this is also your story.

Thank you for the chat and we wish you luck with future missions!