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VA The Mystery of Crystal Worlds is coming!

Today we'd like to provide you our new, 3 CD, compilation, "The Mystery of Crystal Worlds".
Just send your e-mail adress to with subject "Crystal Worlds" and you'll be the first one who knows about the opportunity of making pre-order at the super price!!!
In a special de luxe edition you'll find:

- a colourful booklet with an amazing psychedelic poem!
- 4 hours of perfect goa trance by the best musicians of the planet on 3 thematic CDs!
- 6 exellent fantastic illustrations by master Ahankara Art and other artists!

The final tracklist:

Part I. Crystal Worlds.

1. Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds
2. Sirius - Intergalactic
3. Filteria - Nyad of the Infinite Sea
4. Celestial Intelligence - Infinity
5. Artifact303 - Life Support System
6. Mindsphere - Divine Intervention
7. Katedra - Radiointerference
8. Centavra Project - Capsula
9. Zirrex - Born Of Osiris

Part II. Endless Glade.

1. Psy-H Project - Dark Matter
2. Kurandini - Brahamantra
3. Liquid Flow - Radiation
4. Artifact303 - Future Power
5. Morphic Resonance - Moonwalker
6. Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer
7. Artifact303 - Black Light
8. Imba & Somnesia - Astral Travellers
9. Alienapia vs. Khetzal - Endless Glade

Part III. Grinnish Emerald.

1. Celestial Intelligence - Minding of the Universe
2. Skarma - Animoniae
3. Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe
4. MerrOw - Burning Universe
5. Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra - Stargate
6. Artifact303 - Tropical Sunset (Trance Dance rmx)
7. Psy-H Project - Brahma Samhita
8. Mindsphere - Seek for Happines
9. Artifact303 - Family of Light

Listen, friend, the voice of Space,
Singing high the words of aeon,
Bout Ivan and Sacred Place,
Taking you from here to thereon.

Bout the fungi trip spiralled
In the universe evolving,
Bout the Grinnish Emerald
Thou is gist of life - key solving.

Mastering: Tim Schuldt
Artwork: Ahankara Art
Support: Thesis Studio