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Interview with Cosmic Dimension

Cosmic Dimension is a duo from Macedonia and it's a new direction in Goa Trance music, formed by two good friends Antonio Simonovski - Menkalian and Denis Bogdanovski - GoaHuman at the end of March in 2012.
They released an EP "Voyage in the Universe" for Time Warp records, and debut album "In a Special Kind of Space" for Suntrip Records. "Altar of Wisdom" is their second release, and they've put a lot of love, dedication, and creativity into its creation.

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Tell us something about the new album - when did you start working on it, is it any different from previous editions and if it is - how, what is the concept behind it?

Well, we-ve been working on this album for a long time - five years in total. It differs from other editions in terms of production and sound style, we've spent a lot of time on this album's story, so when listeners play this album - they feel like they're watching a short movie in episodes. The concept of the album is to show a story about "two cosmic travellers" who, through the "Altar of Wisdom", reached their transcendence.




How did Cosmic Dimension come to be?

Cosmic came to be in 2012. after we stopped working with Mario Ruff - Sirius. First there were three of us as "Cosmic Trinity", but after that we became a Dimension :)


Do you do other types of music besides goa trance?


Antonio Simonovski has two projects, Menkalian and Griffin. He also did film music and several other styles.
Denis Bogdanovski worked on the Goahuman downtempo album, and now works on Syned Brain.


What makes your music stand out and gives Cosmic Dimension a recognizable sound?

What makes us different than others? We think the audience would know to answer this better, we're just trying to sound more unique and as innovative as possible.




Which of your appearances will you always remember, and why?

We will forever remember an appearance at Zagreb's "Train to Goa", on November 22. 2013. - the day that our first album "In A Special Kind Of Space" came out.

That was the first, and maybe the last time that we lived to experience a 10 minute applause after a performance, something that even today gives us goosebumps when we remember.


Tell us something about the Macedonian goa trance scene?

We will be short on this one so that we're not misunderstood - we think that there needs to be a little more goa in Macedonia.


What are the plans for the project's future?

Well, to be honest, we're hoping that this coronavirus will go away as soon as possible so that we can present our small piece of art to the world - "Altar Of Wisdom", more. Those are our plans for the future.




Which trance producers had a big impact on you?

We would say those are RA, Sirius, and Dimension 5.


If you had to choose 3 goa trance tracks - which would those be?

If we have to choose three, they would be: Sirius - Not From Here, RA - Ultima Energica,

and Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D.