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Cosmic Dimension 'Altar Of Wisdom' PREORDER!

Cosmic Dimension - Altar Of Wisdom (Global Sect Music, CD)
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1. Coral Tails
2. Different Species
3. Fabric Of Creation
4. Orot Gvohim
5. Altar Of Wisdom
6. Beyond The Darklight
7. To Sirius
8. Transcendence
9. Radioactive Atoms

The story about two travelers

Let us tell you a story...
A story of the great universe.
A story that begins deep inside the darkness.

A magical Coral Tails that were spreading the light full of
potential life forms deep inside the universe.
Those blue shiny tails started to create a Different Species.
Well, we all know about the big bang. But, is that the real truth?
Who knows...

We can only say that's the Fabric Of Creation, littered with other worlds.
Suddenly, Orot Gvohim came from nowhere, known as the higher light in the sky.
There was a huge amount of blue light. And boom!

Altar Of Wisdom was created... From time to time,
far Beyond The Darklight, two travelers could be seen,
flying with an enormous speed To Sirius.

There, they made their Transcendence...
Today, they are everywhere.
In the air, in the light, in the music, all around us like Radioactive Atoms.

They're known as Cosmic Dimension.
Cosmic Dimension is a duo from Macedonia and it's a new direction in Goa Trance music,
formed by two good friends Antonio Simonovski-Menkalian
and Denis Bogdanovski-GoaHuman at the end of March in 2012.
They released an EP "Voyage in the Universe" for Time Warp records and debut album
"In a Special Kind of Space" for Suntrip Records.
"Altar of Wisdom" is their second release, and they've put a lot of love, dedication,
and creativity into its creation.
Release date: February 14, 2021
W&P by: Antonio Simonovski and Denis Bogdanovski
Mastering by: Baba's mastering room
Artwork by: Areni, Cosmic Dimension, and Ahankara Art.