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The Mystery of Crystal Worlds (fantasy poem, audio version)

The long-awaited Russian audio version of the nailbiting fantasy blockbuster with some unbelievable favle heroes, inconceivable magic worlds, sharp traps set by Spiteful Dwarf and, of course, a brave hero which is reasy to overcome all the difficulties to meet freedom and Faith.



English version will be released in begin of 2018. 

Author: Anastasia Lukomskaya 

The poem is read by Svetlana Sheina 

Music: Psy-H Project, Centavra Project, Celestial Intelligence, Zirrex, Katedra, Liquid Flow, Alienapia vs. Khetzal, 
Artifact303, Morphic Resonance, MerrOw, Nova Fractal & OXI & E-mantra.