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New VA Astronauts In The Solar System by DJ Masala coming soon!

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VA - Astronauts In The Solar System (compiled by DJ Masala )

Listen 2 tracks and preorder (digital & CD) HERE

This is the Genesis.

A legend is told about Mankind, which advanced to the new frontier in the Solar System.
This is a story about the Astronauts who were challenged with the exploration of the Solar System and developed the future of mankind.

The Genesis of the Cosmic century.

1. Rayavana - Countdown to Ascension 
2. Journey Into Sound - Mercury 
3. Median Project - Venus 
4. Ypsilon 5 - Terra Firma 
5. Skarma - Mars 
6. Mindsphere - Spectacular Purity 
7. Triquetra - Chronos 
8. Tomocomo - Warp to Uranus 
9. Ephedra - Neptune 
10. Proxeeus - Pluto

VA Astronauts in The Solar System opens a series of releases called "Intergalactic Cult" in which various goa trance DJs will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create their own compilation with the support of our label.
We invite you to follow the development of Intergalactic Cult with us, to enjoy new ideas and amazing releases. We hope that thanks to this project, talented goa-trans DJs will be able to build more interesting and successful careers, and even more musicians will have the opportunity to graduate on our label.
We thank our good friend DJ Masala from the Land of the Rising Sun for the magnificently done work and wish him creative success. Enjoy!
P.S. The next compilation from the series "Intergalactic Cult" will be "Wicked Forest", compiled by DJ Mozza (Serbia). We wish him success!

Label: Global Sect 
Compiled by DJ Masala
Cover Art: Artrama 
Mastering: Cassio Centurion Masterização
Mastering of track №4: Tim Schuldt (4CN-Studios)